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About Us

Uno Junk Removal Omaha Junk Removal and Hauling is mindful of the synergy required to logistically effectuate a professional and competent junk removal operation. In short, we strive to provide every customer with the “Uno Junk Removal Omaha Difference.” The philosophy behind the “Uno Junk Removal Omaha Difference” is to provide residential and commercial customers alike, superlative service at an affordable price. It’s not by coincidence that our dump trucks are 30% larger than the franchise haulers.  In fact, Uno Junk Removal Omaha strategically and purposefully operates significantly larger dump trucks than industry standards, objectively providing a superior value to our customers at every price point.


As stated on our green “junk trucks,” Uno Junk Removal Omaha is the “#1 FAST, AFFORDABLE & INSURED JUNK REMOVAL” company in Southern California.  While there are certainly many facets to Uno Junk Removal Omaha’s differentiating service standards, the lion’s share of the “Uno Junk Removal Omaha Difference” is underscored in the following two intrinsic principles:


Relationships and Value

Uno Junk Removal Omaha realizes that proactively communicating with customers throughout the junk removal and hauling process is directly correlated to establishing long-lasting, satisfying and positive relationships. 


Value is demonstrated into 2 subcategories:

  • Operating “junk trucks” that are 30% larger and more affordable than the franchise haulers
  • Uno Junk Removal Omaha crewmembers going the proverbial extra mile for our customers.

The “Uno Junk Removal Omaha Difference” has three main relationship components. From the initial point-of-contact with one of our friendly operators, to the onsite junk hauler providing the free, no-obligation estimate and concluding the experience with a pleasant, follow-up courtesy call by our Uno Junk Removal Omaha supervisor ensuring each customer’s complete satisfaction.  Crewmembers at Uno Junk Removal Omaha will purposefully avail themselves to remain entirely communicative, punctual and friendly throughout the junk removal and hauling process. It’s not uncommon for Uno Junk Removal Omaha customers to repeatedly use our services and in many instances, on multiple locations .


After the specified items has been removed and placed into one of our “junk trucks” but before we haul away your junk, crewmembers at Uno Junk Removal Omaha will happily sweep and cleanup any consequential remnants. In the event that a customer forgot to mention a small item not specified in the previous paid invoice and at the discretion of the junk hauler, it too may be hauled away—but this time, it’d be absolutely free as an added value! Often times, light and easily stackable items are most often approved (e.g. fan, bedding, clothes, empty cardboard boxes, plastic toys, etc.)


Uno Junk Removal Omaha places an emphasis on establishing long-term relationships by building trust and value with all of our customers. Although an interaction with Uno Junk Removal Omaha crewmembers may be brief,  you can rest assured that we’ve thoroughly vetted each individual (including performing background checks) prior to their arrival at your location. It is imperative that every Uno Junk Removal Omaha junk hauler conveys a sincere sense of respect and engages each customer to confirm that each job is being performed to his or her overall satisfaction.  Uno Junk Removal Omaha is confident that the implementation of these small, yet critical measures by its crewmembers in demonstrating the “Uno Junk Removal Omaha Difference,” will help to further solidify future and long-lasting relationships with our customers.


In summary, Uno Junk Removal Omaha’s goal is to leave our customers with a sense of gratitude that their life is now back to normal and “junk free!” as well as an appreciation that the job was performed in a respectful, efficient and affordable manner. The “Uno Junk Removal Omaha Difference” is much more than simply a talking point; it’s an objective, noticeable distinction evidenced by Uno Junk Removal Omaha crewmembers throughout the junk removal and hauling process.